At 19-years-old, upon graduating from Boston University Magna Cum Laude, Rick Florino moved to Los Angeles from Massachusetts in order to pursue his dream of working in the biz. He started working at New Line Cinema and freelancing for magazines such as Metal Edge , AMP and Lollipop. Constantly writing, he cultivated a unique style that was clever, vivid and highly eloquent. That style would fuel his 2006 endeavor, Ruin Magazine.

Ruin is a full-color glossy hard rock magazine carried in Hot Topic nationally that Rick founded. He sold the ads, wrote most of the stories and snapped a lot of the photos. Simultaneously, he worked as an editor for Citysearch.com, writing celebrity profiles and restaurant reviews. In 2007, Rick became an editor for ARTISTdirect.com, where he conducts interviews with A-list film and music talent for exclusive features—in print and on-camera. His words have appeared in publications including Inked Magazine, BPM Magazine, Revolver, Hit Parader, LAX Magazine, Shockhound.com, Craveonline.com, Bloody-Disgusting.com and many more. Rick writes bios and press releases for major record labels, film studios and publicity firms. He has also been quoted on TV spots and print advertisements for major films from Paramount, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and Lions Gate.

His first book, Do the Devil's Work for Him, came out in stores everywhere in June 2009. In support of the book, Rick was featured on No Good TV with members of Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, System of a Down and Devildriver discussing the text. Host Carrie Keagan grilled Rick and the rock stars about Devil in a hilarious segment. He was also featured on FOX NEWS.